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We provide custom merchant accounts for high compliance industries. We offer low & high risk processing for Credit Card, ACH, eCheck, and Check21.

High Risk Merchant Account Processing With Same Day Approval!


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TOP Payment Expertise

With 20+ years of experience and a commitment to client success, we provide comprehensive merchant services tailored to the unique goals of your legal business.

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KushDebit Offerings

Unlock your full potential with our range of strategic merchant services.

Merchant Processing

From low & high risk payment processing for Credit Card, ACH, eCheck, Check21.

Merchant Processing
Transparent Fees


Secure your merchant account with transparent fees. We help you obtain low rates and fees that don't increase as your business works with us throughout your golden years stress-free.


Receive terminals at no cost to your business, use them totally free.

Free Terminals
No Banking Attitudes

No Banking attitudes

Enjoy friendly support for your business.

US-Based Customer Support

Our customer service team oversees your account, continuously helping your business succeed.

US Customer Support
Counter-Culture Experts

Head & Smoke Shop and Counter-culture Experts

KushDebit is proud to service head and smoke shops, we are your counter-culture experts.

cannabis dispensary

Merchant solutions

Now licensed cannabis dispensaries have the best legal merchant solution, Weed Now Pay Later BNPL Technology available only from KushDebit.

Cannabis Dispensary Merchant Solutions
Counter-Culture Experts

Never Get Shut down

Do good business, and never get shut down by KushDebit.

And More! Contact KushDebit Today.

Unlock your full potential with our range of strategic merchant services.

Processing Customer Payments Does Not Have to Be Hard

Merchant accounts can be difficult to obtain, especially for businesses owned by minorities and those operating in non-traditional economies. By working directly with KushDebit, you can have a trusted partner who understands risk and can adapt to change quickly.

24-hour approval Complete your application and provide the KYC documentation, and we will have you approved in a day.

Stop stressing about your merchant accounts – we have it all covered, from chargeback management to bank sponsorships, including past, present, and future merchants accounts.

With our full-service merchant accounts, we become your company’s full-time payment specialist. Our white glove support handles all of your past, current, and future payment needs.

KushDebit Payment Provider

KushDebit Is The Last Payment Provider You Will Ever Need

We have solutions for merchants who seek fast, safe, and effective merchant services. We are dedicated to helping minority-owned merchants access low-cost and no-cost banking and payment solutions. Together we can make a change!

"Activate KushDebit And Never Look Back"

Imagine paying less for your processing needs. With KushDebit you can get lower rates without unreasonable reserves, receive merchant loans, and save money on processing fees. Businesses can save a fortune by eliminating their bill entirely and pay $0 in fees.

Bella, Account Boarding Specialist

See What Our Customer Say About Us

Jorge G. Photo

Jorge G.

KushDebit had me at my first transaction. In a world where customer service has been lacking KushDebit has absolutely stepped forward and shown us that in fact there is true hope in the merchant service industry. From application to live transactions KushDebit has made this process a cake walk. With first class technical support, follow up and customer service we just can’t say enough about KushDebit and their team of experts.

Heather H. Photo

Heather H.

Kush Debit to my rescue! when no one else could do it, this company comes along and get my small biz up and running with merchant processing, in the counter culture world no less! truly grateful for this whole team. you won't regret it, just call

SCN Network Photo

SCN Network

Thank you to KushDebit for transitioning from my old ACH processor to KushDebit. They have been amazing to deal with, and I can’t thank them enough for how much time they spent with our team, making sure we understood every step of the process. They are saving us money, and they even called our old processor, and we got our reserves released after they told us they couldn’t.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common inquiries about KushDebit merchant services.

What does KushDebit offer merchant solutions for

- Small or Large Sized Businesses

- Minority Owned Businesses

- Women Owned Businesses

- First-time and Seasoned Business Owners

- Under-banked Industries

- Low & High-Risk Merchants

- Low & High-Ticket Transactions

- Manufacturers / Distributors

- Multiple Gateway Options

- NMI Gateway, Authorize Gateway and more

- Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, And More

- Continuity Programs, Recurring Payments, Re-Bills

- Subscriptions, Monthly Gift Boxes, Courses, Coaching

- Marketing Agencies & Affiliate Marketers

- Sales Funnel Masters, Masterminds & Go Getters

Why use KushDebit

- Save Your Business Money

- Upgrade Your Payment Processing

- Eliminate Reserves, Never Get Shut Down

- Setup Cash Discount Program For A $0 Bill

- Get A Merchant Loan For $250K+

Reasons to choose KushDebit

The KushDebit Way!

All parts combine in our payments recipe for The KushDebit Way, helping keep your business booming and growing on a new level:

YES Your Business

YES Our Business 25+ Years Payments Experience

YES All Card Networks, ACH, Check21, eCheck

YES Eliminate Bill With Cash Discount Program

YES Split Pay Solution Offering Credit & Pay Later

YES Low & High-Risk Merchant Processing

YES Awesome Point Of Sale (POS Systems)YES Bank Accounts & Merchant Accounts

YES Merchant Processing Direct With USA Bank

YES First Black Owned USA Bank Acquirer

YES Minority Owned

YES Women Owned

YES Full Transparency

YES Lowest Rates

YES Never Get Shut DownYES High Risk Experts

YES Counter Culture Experts

YES Increase Business Opportunities

YES Merchant Cash Advance (Merchant Loans)

YES Executives OK Your Products

YES Great Customer Support

YES Chargeback Protection

YES Value Added Services

YES Marketing Tools, Funnel Builders, AI Sales Bots

YES Time & Money Saver

YES Love & Care

And More!

Reasons to avoid competitors

You can experience some of the problems listed below with other merchant service providers. With us, we guarantee none of these parts are found in our recipe which helps you avoid headaches & stress on your business. This list confirms the competitors ways of business which we don't do:

NO Discrimination

NO Inexperienced Risk Management

NO Unwarranted Limitations on Your Transactions

NO Unreasonable Account Shutdowns

NO Unfriendly Account Managers

NO Unfriendly POS Systems (Point Of Sale)

NO Untimely Payouts

NO Rude Banking Attitudes

NO Poor Customer Service

NO Slow Account Approval

NO High Rates

NO High Reserves

NO Hidden Fees

NO Fee Increases

NO Middle Men

NO Misunderstandings

NO Not Having Direct Relationship With The Bank

NO Fraud or Lies To The Bank

NO Looking Behind Your Back

NO Non-Transparent Transactions

NO Transactional Laundering

NO Time Wasted & Money Down The Drain

NO Business Lost & Life Ruined

NO Asset Forfeiture

NO 10 to Life

What merchant services does KushDebit provide

- Elite Payment Processing Solution

- Credit Card, ACH, eCheck, Check21

- Wire's, ACH and Credit Card Acceptance

- Merchant Cash Advance

- Direct Bank Relationship

- Pick Up Ordering to In Store POS

- Online Ordering to In Store POS

- Inventory Management

- State of the Art POS Machines

Payment processing for any legal industry

KushDebit specializes in merchant solutions for any licensed businesses selling legal products and services.

- Mobile Payments

- Retail Stores, Online Sales

- Affiliate Products and Services

- As Seen On TV Sales, Inbound Call Centers

- Car Dealerships, Fun Centers, Movie Theatres

- Grocery Stores, Big Chain Corner Stores

- Physicians and Doctor Offices

- Legal, Attorneys, Lawyers- Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs

- Merch For Concerts, Events, Pop Ups, Private Parties

- Gas Stations, Gyms, Salons, Non-Profit

- Gun Shops, Pawn Shops, Payday Loans

- Convenience Stores, Lounges, Smoke Shops

- Hemp, CBD, Cannabinoids, Alkaloids, Kratom, Kava

- Delta8, Delta9, HHC, THCA

- Alternative Products, Exosomes, Stem Cells, Peptides

- Your Industry And More!

Payment processing for cannabis dispensaries

KushDebit specializes in merchant solutions for licensed cannabis companies with legal medical cannabis.

- Thanks to having its own payment rails, KushDebit is the 1st merchant service in the US who are compliant for credit card processing for cannabis/dispensaries. From the acquiring bank to merchant services, we are 100% compliant and transparent.

- We already serve dispensaries, cultivators, distributors and MSOs nationwide.

- Customer based system in which all fees are passed along to your customers instead of your dispensary.- Built-in functionality for tipping your budtenders and more.

- NO more work around: PIN Debit, blockchains, cashless atms, or rounding up etc.- Each LP terminal has a monthly rental cost or can be purchased.

- Month to Month service agreement with no cancellation fees.

- As long as you have a valid license and legitimate business entity, LP will never shut you down.

Payment processing for the hemp industry

KushDebit specializes in merchant solutions for licensed businesses with legal hemp derived products.

- Cannabinoids

- Delta-8 THC

- Delta-9 THC

- Delta-10 THC

- Delta-11 THC











Payment processing for kratom and similar alkaloids

KushDebit specializes in merchant solutions for licensed businesses with kratom and similar allkaloid products.

- Alkaloids

- Kratom

- Kava

Payment processing for mushrooms

KushDebit specializes in merchant solutions for licensed businesses selling legal mushroom products.

- Mushrooms

- Amanita Mascaria

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